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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Back! Operation Beautiful

I am actually sitting right outside of Panera having a writer's high. I come here a few times a week to write and today, I am ecstatic because I just completed my first "Act of Kindness" in Atlanta.

A few days ago, Skirt Magazine brought to my attention a wonderful outreach program that is changing the way women, men and children view their bodies. "Operation Beautiful" was started by a young woman named Caitlin from Charlotte, N.C. who wanted to shift the negative views people have of themselves.

The mission of "Operation Beautiful" was to change these self views by leaving positive annonymous notes all around for people to find in the hopes that they feel better about themselves. It's a post-it note revolution!

So, for my "Act of Kindness," I chose to play a role myself. I made some post-it notes with positive expressions like "You Rock" and "You look beautiful today." From there I walked into Panera, went to the bathroom and stuck them all over the mirror! I was sure to be fast and sneaky so that it would be a big surprise to everyone else. I next ordered a Caramel Latte and snuck to a spot outside in plain view of the bathroom to watch the expressions of the people who came out. The best part is that I have seen atleast five smiles.

So, here I am writing about this act of kindness while still watching it have an effect. This is great fun.

So, All you have to do is take five minutes out of your day to make some notes and then just carry them with you until you find the perfect place to stick them! Easy, Fun and So Inspirational.

This was a fun one that I know you can do too! Let me hear some stories about it and pictures would be great too!

All credit goes to the above link for Operation Beautiful. What a fabulous idea.

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  1. i LOVE this! tracy, you're such a ray of light! thank God for people like you :)