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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Act of Kindness No. 9- Giving to the Gulf

I am just old enough to remember the haunting images from the Exxon Valdez oil spill off the coast of Alaska in 1989. Though I was quite young, I do have a memory of sitting on my mother’s lap, watching the news and I can remember her crying about the wildlife that was lost at that moment and how the environment would continue to be affected. This remains one of the strongest memories that I have of the news as a child. So when I received word about the latest oil spill and the inability to contain the millions of gallons pouring into the gulf, my heart sank.

Very few of us have the ability to drop all current projects and pick up our lives and move to the gulf and jump right into the cleanup effort. Because of these restraints, it can sometimes feel like we are helpless in these situations. We are, however, anything but helpless.

I realized there was something we could do for the Gulf after my close friend, Jennifer made me aware of a very special task that was taking place all over the United States. Hair salons from Florida to California, are taking hair donations and sending them to the gulf to be used to help clean up the oil. You can even donate your pet’s hair! Visit this site “Matter of Trust” to get the low down on how it works

Take a look at the before and after pictures from my friend Jennifer’s trip to the salon:

Who knew you could you make a difference all while looking this glam!?!

Watch more people donate their hair by visiting the accuweather site here:

Please also keep our President, officials, aid-workers and volunteers in your prayers as we continue to come together as a country to help stop the damaging effects of this oil spill. Catch up on the latest attempts here:

Thank you Jennifer for your amazing heart and your amazing hair!

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